A link for viewing your Registered Agent Notices will be sent to the electronic notices forwarding email address and any additional recipients on file.

You may click this link at anytime to view a list of ALL notices.

Resubmit your information using the form below to make contact changes or to add new users to your Legal Registered Agent Service from TroyCoLIVE.

You may list additional contacts anytime by completing the form below for electronic access to your notices. 

Our office will process your “Notice of Change of Legal Registered Agent” with the South Carolina Secretary of State and pay any cost(s) associated with changing your public record. 

We will update you once your filing is confirmed and your public profile has been updated.

Update your billing payment method and other account information anytime on our website from the “my account” section.

Our Legal Registered Agent service is automatically billed annually to the card in which you originally set up as your payment method.

You may check the status of your service and renewal information from the “My Account” section of our website.

Our Legal Registered Agent Service is $49.00 billed annually.

Our electronic notice forwarding is included in your service plan.

Mail forwarding (optional) 

Mail forwardingis $1.79 per mailing at the frequency in which you chose at signup. Mail forwarding is to the contact email address on a monthly basis through electronic invoice. 

This rate is subject to USPS pricing and can change at any time

You may email agent@troycolive.com or call +1-864-336-8899 ext.111 anytime you need us! Our team is always happy to help! 

For the fastest, most reliable service, we recommend opening a support ticket with our team or  view our knowledge base  for answers to common questions.


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