WooCommerce Email Customizer

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Transform default WooCommerce order emails into unique, fully-branded messages.

Customize email templates – text, colors, header, footer, and others. Make your emails stand out, and provide clear content and calls to action.


WooCommerce Email Customizer

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WooCommerce Email Customizer

Transform default WooCommerce order emails into unique, fully-branded messages. Customize email templates – text, colors, header, footer, and others. Make your emails stand out, and provide clear content and calls to action.

WooCommerce transactional emails: a missed marketing opportunity?

The stock WooCommerce emails — order complete, status change, password recovery, and others — do their jobs, providing details about the transaction or the event. But do they look like they came from you, or from Woo? They certainly don’t match your branding.

Every email impacts your brand value and connection with customers. If your emails look like every other email from millions of other WooCommerce shops, then you’re missing a big marketing opportunity.

This WooCommerce email customizer plugin helps you make the most of that opportunity. It gives you professionally designed templates and the power to customize WooCommerce email templates using the WordPress Customizer. Get started right away, with no coding required whatsoever.

Emails still rule conversions. Everyone reads them. Make the most of them!

Professional, ready-made email templates

Email Customizer for WooCommerce includes four elegant email templates that you can start customizing to match your brand’s style right away.

And it all happens in the familiar WordPress Customizer — no need to learn a new system or hire a developer.

Email CustomizerEmail Customizer

Style WooCommerce emails to match your brand

Customize colors and the email header and footer, and add social network and other custom links:

Email Customizer

  • Header: Customize the Header Style – color, text, and text color. Add different custom text (like a welcome or thank you message) to each individual email template.
  • Brand logo: Add your brand logo or a header image or an eye-catching banner.
  • Links menu: Display up to five custom links to make it easy for customers to get right to pages with offers, exclusive products, or account settings.
  • Email background and body: Customize the email background, border, and body color.
  • Social media icons: Showcase your social presence with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram icons and links.
  • Footer: Add footer text with a custom message or custom HTML .

Edit WooCommerce email templates text

Not just background, header, footer… but also customize WooCommerce email body text. Other than the style elements, it’s your copy/content that should be good enough to build your unique brand identity.

Order message, headings and subheadings, closing notes, you can customize the text the way you want. Show your company details, ask for feedback and reviews, add links to product pages, important blog posts, add a coupon code, images, videos…make it the best pretty emails.

You can also change the font size, color, text style, and apply other CSS changes, all as a live preview.

Automatic product recommendations

Show related products from within the email. A smart way to upsell and cross-sell products from within the email and boost sales.

All the powerful features

  • Customize WooCommerce Subscriptions emails and all eleven WooCommerce email templates: new order, order completed, order refunded, order on-hold, order processing, failed order, canceled order, password reset, customer invoice/order details, customer note, and new account.
  • Edit email content live. Add your own content – text, image, video, links, etc. Customize them using HTML/CSS.
  • UTM campaigns: Set UTM campaign name, source and medium to track conversions that happen from within the customized emails. Find out what links they visit from the emails or which products they purchased from the suggested ones.
  • Live preview of your customized emails
  • Fully responsive emails based on device
  • Send test emails to see how the emails will look on the customer’s end, and tweak as needed.
  • Compatible with the Smart Coupons extension, WordPress, and all the WordPress themes that support WooCommerce.

Customized WooCommerce emails are a great marketing boost — establish brand connections, make announcements, highlight promotions. Our WooCommerce email customer plugin, Email Customizer Pro gives you the control you need. So go ahead and get your license now!


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