Product Photography


We love helping your brand stand out!

Let our team help you by professionally photographing your product line so that they display beautifully on your website and anywhere else you market your products or brand!

How much does it cost?

We charge a standard set-up fee of $25 in addition to $15 per product photo.

What you need to do?

  1. Choose a background option for your product photos to be rendered.
  2. Add any notes to your order.
  3. Select the quantity of products to be photographed.

That’s it! Our team will connect with you after your order to help setup any applicable shipping costs (discounted) + shipping label(s) to start your professional photography session for your branded products!

From the options below, select a background layout option for your product photos to be rendered

Basic (No Shadow/Solid White BG) +$15.00 Color (Min Shadow/Solid Color BG) +$15.00 Tonal (Max Shadow/Duo Tone Color BG) +$15.00 Scene (Max Shadow/Various BG Scenes) +$15.00 Gradient (No Shadow/Color Gradient BG) +$15.00 Transparent (No Shadow/No BG) +$15.00

List any additional notes for our team. (Add HEX color codes for gradient or solid backgrounds)

We are located in Greenville, South Carolina. Will you require shipping or will you be delivering your products to our office for photography?


Product Photography


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