What’s New in Elementor 3.6 Pro?

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Elementor's Latest v3.6

With ElementorPRO, clients can manage and build content easily with 960+ builder widgets to style and form any page or content on your website!

We prefer ElementorPRO over any other page builder simply because of its ease of use and the fact that no coding experience is necessary. Not only can you style pages, but the entire theme builder will create most of the functionality of your website once you decide a style and options.

Feature Release

This has to be the most exciting release to date for Elementor as we have awaited more control over WooCommerce html. Version 3.6 does not disappoint. 

Most WooCommerce plugins have some design flaws, but Elementor has set new design options to lay your products & services out easily and your checkout flow more simple for your customers. These new widget features are packed full of options and Elementor’s familiar intuitive programming is noticeably behind the wheel.

Page transitions are awesome and help to keep your viewers attention when scrolling through your site. Now, with featured animations, there seems to be another flamboyant little tool our hearts have been thumping for.

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Exploring Version 3.6

Have a look around your new widget sections inside of Elementor and have fun checkout out all of the new products and features. Let us know if you have any questions as you explore around. Let us know if you find any hidden features!

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