Square Launches Tap-to-Pay on iPhone for US Sellers

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Back to the Future?

Sure, electric cars and space rockets are really cool, but sellers are celebrating how cool this few feature from Square is making us feel. Square has introduced Tap-to-Pay for iPhone to it’s US seller market and we honestly feel like it’s our birthday and wonder what we did do deserve something so nice. Thank you Square!

Square announced access to it’s newly launched Tap to Pay on iPhone to its millions of sellers across the U.S. Available within the Square Point of Sale iOS app, Tap to Pay on iPhone lets sellers of all sizes accept contactless payments directly from their iPhone, with no additional hardware required and at no additional cost to the seller.

Can you believe they are just giving it to us for free? Us either!

While there are still many practical uses for Square’s proprietary processing equipment, not having to haul your POS to an event or realize in the middle of a transaction that your dip device isn’t charged is already a distant memory.

Innovative Processing

Tap to Pay on iPhone is the latest addition to Square’s growing slate of software-powered commerce tools and provides new merchants with an easy entry point into the company’s broader ecosystem of innovative business offerings. With just the Square POS app and a compatible iPhone, sellers can gain access to a fully integrated technology stack that helps them start, run, grow, or adapt their businesses.

Square sellers and new merchants can begin using Tap to Pay on iPhone today by downloading the Square POS app on compatible devices. For more information, please visit squareup.com/get/tap-to-pay.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are already a Square user, just login to your Square Dashboard on your “Point of Sale” app  and begin taking payments with tap-to-pay now! If you are new to Square, getting started is fast, easy, and secure. 

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