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That’s right! We have added quite the package of new premium featured plugins from WooCommerce to our dashboard at TroyCoLIVE – Brand Development Corp.. 

Of course, our managed hosted clients have FREE ACCESS to download any of our premium plugins anytime and lucky for them; our pantry of feature driven capability is a desirable perk in their business capability through their websites. 

— What are plugins? 

Plugins are like apps on your smartphone. They make your website do things that it would not do without them. Just like your iPhone couldn’t make a phone call without the calling app. Plugins provide the mapwork for the site to perform some very automattic performances.

Now, Available for Download

Introducing - Product Add-ons

In our coffee company we have always wanted to charge to grind coffee since it slows down our production so much, but we grind five ways and we didn’t want to create varitaions with skus for each of them. 

Now, with WooCommerce – Product Add-Ons,” customers can add a grind to their bag for just $0.25. Super easy and elementorPRO friendly!

We have no idea how we lived without “WooCommerce – Product Add-Ons” for so long. This is one of our top favorites out of this first release of new plugins available from TroyCoLIVE. 

What Features Can We Expect?

We have overwhelmed ourselves learning all of these new plugins, so we have decided to roll these out in two phases to give everyone time for development on our platform. 

Have we told you about “Teams for WooCommerce Memberships” yet? No more sharing usernames or member profiles. Now, with “Teams for WooCommerce Memberships” a team manager can be assigned to manage members and you can sell group memberships and all members can enjoy access and member benefits. It’s so sweet!

Let us try to lay out some of the benefits coming your way with this first phase of plugins from WooCommerce.

Let us know if you need assistance downloading your plugins. We offer professional plugin installation for any plugins on our site and most from WooCommerce.

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