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Digital Inclusivity

In shamefully provoked recent times, we’ve watched big name brands run to every front of advertising with imagery of African Americans playing the part in an effort to be more inclusive and to speak to an unsettled diverse audience.

Whether it be a bit late or undecidably forced, it’s timely to see multi-cultural reflections in day-to-day media nonetheless. Authenticity of that representation still has a ways to go, but is accelerating the pace of authenticity in the illustrative digital market more noticeably than any of the competitors we know firsthand ie. Adobe, Pixabay, Pixels, Canva, etc.

How much of an impact does diversity weigh in business bank accounts with sales and revenue? What about manufacturing, production, distribution, and operations? Statistics show that 50% of the consumer market is held by black impact despite being marginalized by nearly 70% in population.

We should be speaking to our entire audience as brands and creators and our content should reflect our diversity with noticeable inclusivity standards and revised methods of capture for audiences abroad.

Even as we notice stock image distributors adding piles of black scripted media to their archives, illustrator art files can be difficult to find when searching any terms around black culture. The word “culture” alone goes against the community standards of Facebook.

We are thrilled to introduce from the brilliance of John D. Saunders. John is the Founder & Creative Director of 5Four Digital, an award winning website design studio. He has been featured by “Oprah Magazine” and IllustratorHUB, a hub for black illustrations. + more. His team is continually launching fresh inclusive content of ethnic proportion that portrays black professionals in various sectors including a “Black History” – Part I & II (ICONS) digital packs.  DOWNLOAD PART  I FREE.

These storytelling art illustrations are perfect for explainer videos, presentations, website pages, brand services, proposals, + so much more! 

John D. Saunders – Founder – Creative Director

Archives for days of exclusive content in all forms of necessary digital import organized within a .zip download compatible for edit with your favorite programs. has been so fluid in content release this past year that they have now included a “subscription” option to their content for just $89 per quarter for complete access to their entire library of illustrations, all formats, Adobe + Sketch Files + more which we think is a pretty sweet deal!

Illustrator Packs

We’ve loved watching each pack of illustrations roll out from So much so, that we have compiled a list for you here so you can grab any of these you might be interested in.

 Many are offered in a “name your price” option allowing you to download for free, but of course, we always recommend contributing what you can in that case. 

black illustrations

Customizing Avatars

black illustrations

Looking for an illustration that looks just like you? They’ve put together a super HUGE illustration pack of avatars with pre-existing designs and custom drag and drop parts to create your own avatar 

The Ultimate Black Avatar Pack –

Celebrating Empowerment

Celebrating the empowerment of “black women” and their reflective figure to society and culture is captured in the new “Black Women: The Epitome Illustrator Pack” from This pack demonstrates all shades and tones of black women and celebrates them as so. 

Core Authenticity

What we have really come to expect in these illustrations is the “real” factor. Often, we find stock images of black women portraying white women role markers to make them seem more relatable. These illustrator packs truly celebrate the essence of black culture without interruption. 

We especially love the PRIDE pack of illustrations from since the LGBTQ+ topic has always been a sort of taboo subject of the black community. We feel the inclusion within the inclusion in all forms and representations of life as we live it; and we love it!

Illustrations of Black People for Your Next Digital Project | Black Illustrations

The Pride Illustration Pack –

Did they leave anything out? We think not, but if you think of something, they have thought of that also! Contribute your ideas for to create illustrations not yet released. 

Like/Follow @blkillustrations

We want to give a mad thanks to John and for these brilliant  illustrations to share with the world. 

Now, do your part and support these illustrators and share their digital packs throughout your content. 

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