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Client Onboarding

Our agency is committed to the tools we use to construct branded projects for our clients.

All of our data systems are controlled through admin level permissions, 256 bit encrypted, and all information collected from our clients is fragmented and stored on various live servers to enhance the security of our platforms.

We are dedicated to our clients privilege, so information is not shared without our clients expressed written permission.

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Project Structure

We build your project with you so that you can learn the website and how it is functioned to make you more successful! 

We advise clients to read our “terms & conditions” carefully to be best prepared to launch your project with our development team.

We break down your complete project into phases, so this will be your timelime and map of the project moving forward.

Reading our terms and conditions thoroughly will help you to understand the process and the steps involved with building your brand with a structured foundation and layered programming.

Feel free to ask us any questions about our policies before the start of your project to make sure you understand our map of projects.



You will need access to a few tools to get started on your project! Please download the tools listed here and follow instructions for the start of each type of project. If you have any questions, reach out to our team!

Once your email accounts have been configured, you may proceed with login/setup. 

Please do not create accounts using your own personal email. 

Simply download and wait on us to provide you with access to your branded email account to signup or login with to the following apps.

Electronic forms
Upload any of the following documents your business already has
EINUpload File
Articles of OrganizationUpload File
501(c)(3)Upload File
Charity LicenseUpload File
OtherUpload File

branded design

Choose a template design to framework your website design for your branded products or services


Choosing a Design

what to look for?

The user experience is crucial to how your clients or consumers navigate and use your website to find and purchase information or products.

The overall style of the font, boxes, and photos as well as the structure and flow of the content published.

How much content do you have and will it fit into the current design? If you have a lot of content, be sure to choose a site design that allows for the space needed to lay the content.

the perfect design

search our database for the perfect template design for your project


Branded Email
Setting up your Devices

Project Apps & Downloads
Download the following apps once you have access to your user email account for your brand from our development team
Webex is used for team collaboration, content creation, appointment scheduling, client/developer contact, + more.CiscoDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Dropbox is used for secure file storage of your entire project including: product records management, media bank, UPC barcodes, developer data files, + moreDropbox
Dropbox Paper is used for document creation of templatized data specific to organization, products, services, copywriting, + moreDropbox
Woocommerce is used to manage your store, products, services, order processing, + more.AutomaticDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD
Microsoft Office365
These apps are part of Microsoft Office365 and require licensing for access. Manage your admin from https://admin.microsoft.com at anytime. (If logged into another Microsoft account on your computer, you must use incognito (ctrl+shft+N) to access another tenant admin)
Microsoft Office Suite is a bundle of professional Office365 tools from Microsoft. (license required)Microsoft
Microsoft Planner is a our No.1 most recommended app from Microsoft Office365 for running your tasks and organizing your teams and tasks.Microsoft
OneNote from Microsoft is the best note taking app that integrates with all Office365 tools and services.Microsoft
Journal from Microsoft is the perfect way to keep notes about ongoing projects in an organized way.Microsoft
Developer ACCESS
Our developers will need access to existing services or accounts. Please ensure second authentication is off for the following services when submitting your credentials.
Project Links
UnspalshOffers a vast collection of high-quality photos contributed by photographers worldwide, suitable for various creative projects.
PixabayProvides a diverse collection of photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and even some video content, all free to use without attribution.
PexelsFeatures a wide array of free stock photos and videos, curated from various sources, and available for personal and commercial use.
FlickrWhile Flickr is a vast photo-sharing site, it has a specific section for Creative Commons-licensed images which can be used freely with the appropriate attribution.
Public Domain PicturesA repository of photographs that are in the public domain, suitable for personal and commercial use with no attribution required.
StockSnap.ioOffers a large selection of high-resolution photos, with hundreds of new images added weekly, all under a Creative Commons license.
FreeImagesProvides a wide variety of stock photos. It’s a good source for finding images for websites, presentations, and other projects.
LibreShotA collection of unique photos by Martin Vorel, available for personal and commercial use under a public domain license.
RawPixelWhile they offer a mix of free and paid images, their free section includes a diverse selection of high-quality photos.
Life of PixHosts high-resolution photographs donated to the public domain by the Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal and its network of photographers.

Solidifying Your Brand

building a strong foundation

Becoming a Legal Entity

Become a Legal Entity

File your business or organization here. You will be required to pay a fee. Once your documents are available for download, a fee is required to obtain electronic access to those documents.
Proceed to Secretatary of State

Let Our Team Help You

Legal Entity Filings

We know the legal filings for your business can be confusing, so let our team help you obtain legal status for your business. Our standard filing fee is just $35 + tax!
Schedule Entity Filing Appointment

Request Your EIN from the IRS

Obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for your brand or small business!

It's super easy! Just answer a few questions!

You will be redirected to the EIN toolkit, a free service provided by the Internal Revenue Service for established businesses to obtain an Employer Identification Number (ein)
Proceed to IRS

As your idea flourishes into a brand, developing it with a strong foundation is important. Consider taxes, accounting, licensing, insurance, revenue streams, contributions, sales, profit, spending. It’s a lot right?


Figuring all of that out is quite simple. You must first become a legal entity. Register your business name with the South Carolina Secretary of States office as an LLC, Corporation, Partnership, or other foundational structures.


What’s an entity and why do I need to become one? The best way to describe a “legal entity” is, it separates you from the liability of your business. If you are not separated from your business and your business causes harm or has unpaid liabilities, you could personally be liable. When you have an established business entity, your personal assets are not considered.


By filing for your legal entity, you will receive your “articles of organization” which is the document(s) required to begin a business banking account, apply for your Department of Revenue Retail Sales Certificate, + more.


Structuring your business from the ground up ensures your brand reputation and compliance and creates a sturdy foundation for the future of your business.

Please consult with an attorney or accountant to determine the type of entity you wish to establish and identify your taxable compliances for assessment when creating your business entity.