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Our agency is committed to the tools we use to construct web environments for clients.


All of our data systems are controlled through admin level permissions, 256 bit encrypted, and all information collected from our clients is fragmented and stored on various live servers to enhance the security of our platforms.

We are dedicated to our clients privilege and information is not shared without our clients expressed written permission.



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You will need access to a few tools to get started on your project! Please download the tools listed here and follow instructions for the start of each type of project. If you have any questions, reach out to our team!

Once your email accounts have been configured, you may proceed with login/setup. 

Please do not create accounts using your own personal email. 

Simply download and wait on us to provide you with access to your branded email account to signup or login with to the following apps.

Cisco | WebEx Meet

Cisco Webex Meet is a technical space for our team to remote into your site to go through certain processes. Usually to resolve an issue or allow a client to enter personal or confidential information, we will remote with you and allow or take control. This function is needed many times throughout our process.

Cisco | WebEx ONE

Cisco will be our community of sharing and communicating. Here, we will designate spaces to build written content into your website alongside you. We will work through each page or functionality of your site to design a well thought process of structure for your businesses framework.

Dropbox Enterprise (licensed)

We rely on the security of Dropbox to host all of your media content. We extend Dropbox Licensing to Clients during the process of building content or services that are managed by TroyCoLIVE. Your account may exceed the allowable storage amount from Dropbox, once license is retracted. After "signup" (basic), ask us more about Dropbox.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is designed for collaboration and live date input. We may design products, pricing, ingredients, variations etc through the .paper function. We ask Clients to download this app for the build to fill in information to help us along and make certain we build a project that is accurate and fluid in creative functionality.

Team Communication

Branded Email
Setting up your account

Brand recognition is a strategy that lends credibility to your brand consumers in various ways. Perhaps the most important; communication. Centralizing all of your content helps to organize your brand interactions, delegate activities, and manage your brand digitally from any place utilizing your internal systems.

Setting up your email accounts for your brand depends on many things. Consider, where will orders go, where will customer questions and time sensitive information be directed, and where will you track your revenue and accounting correspondence? You may want acounting@yourbrand.com for revenue, no-reply@yourbrand.com for all outgoing promotional emails, but support@yourbrand.com as your general support inbox. How you connect these accounts and forwards matters very much in your overall success.

We can make changes to these as we go along, but let’s start here with just the basics. if you have a domain name, use it. If not, our team will reserve your nameplates in your web environment.




You will need access your email accounts to communicate through your branded name. All client access is the same, but the information entered is specific to your branded site.

 After submitting your “Branded Email Setup” form, our team will need a little time to set-up your requested paths in your web environment.  

Please let our team contact you before setting up email client access. 

become a legal entity

building a strong foundation

solidifyng your brand

As your idea flourishes into a brand, developing it with a strong foundation is important. Consider taxes, accounting, licensing, insurance, revenue streams, contributions, sales, profit, spending. It’s a lot right?


Figuring all of that out is quite simple. You must first become a legal entity. Register your business name with the South Carolina Secretary of States office as an LLC, Corporation, Partnership, or other foundational structures.


What’s an entity and why do I need to become one? The best way to describe a “legal entity” is, it separates you from the liability of your business. If you are not separated from your business and your business causes harm or has unpaid liabilities, you could personally be liable. When you have an established business entity, your personal assets are not considered.


By filing for your legal entity, you will receive your “articles of organization” which is the document(s) required to begin a business banking account, apply for your Department of Revenue Retail Sales Certificate, + more.


Structuring your business from the ground up ensures your brand reputation and compliance and creates a sturdy foundation for the future of your business.

Please consult with an attorney or accountant to determine the type of entity you wish to establish and identify your taxable compliances for assessment when creating your business entity.

Becoming a Legal Entity

Become a Legal Entity

File your business or organization here. You will be required to pay a fee. Once your documents are available for download, a fee is required to obtain electronic access to those documents.
Proceed to Secretatary of State

Request Your EIN from the IRS

Obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for your brand or small business!

It's super easy! Just answer a few questions!

You will be redirected to the EIN toolkit, a free service provided by the Internal Revenue Service for established businesses to obtain an Employer Identification Number (ein)
Proceed to IRS
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