Appointments & Scheduling

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Appointments can be scheduled for Mon-Fri (except some holidays). Appointment time frames are based on the type of appointment and availability.


Depending on the appointment type and frame of time selected, your chosen appointment will automatically pend to our calendar.

If you need longer, you will need to book additional frames of time. TroyCoLIVE reserves a break between scheduled meetings.


in-person meeting are held at TroyCoLIVE located at 1801 Rutherford Rd. - Greenville - SC - 29609. Once you arrive, park and come inside Building #1 and check in to our meeting at Early Goat Coffee Co.


All virtual meetings will be held through our partners at Cisco | WebEx. Your calendar invitation will be updated with virtual login info before the scheduled meeting. You can choose to join the meeting from any device. Downloading the Cisco | WebEx software will be required for block time meetings!


Of course, you can give us a call anytime to discuss your project, ask question, + more. However, to ensure we are available to speak with you, you may choose to book a reserved frame of time on our calendar and we will call you at the time of our scheduled meeting. at the phone number provided during your booking.


It is up to the client to book block time based on TroyCoLIVE availability for your project. If you do not currently have a project with us, block time is NOT for you.

When a client books block time, you will be sent a calendar invite with virtual credentials. It is optional to attend that block time session. TroyCoLIVE will record that block time session for your reference.


To change, cancel, or reschedule an appointment, reference the actual appointment confirmation email. Meetings should be cancelled at least (24) hours prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid a $40.00 cancellation fee.


If you agree to the above, you may proceed to our appointment types below to choose the right meeting for you! We look forward to meeting with you!

Our Creative Space

If you are beginning a project with TroyCoLIVE, you will want to schedule “Block Time” with TroyCoLIVE to schedule work on your project. Please do not schedule repetitive blocks to complete your project quickly. 

Please be respectful of our client load and give us downtime to form our creative thoughts around your project.

In the end, your project will benefit by allowing creative space from our team. Let’s have fun, together!

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