Spring 2022 - Food2Market Workshop


When it comes to product safety, we rely on professionals from Clemson's Food2Market program to guide our clients for success.

Food2Market is a Clemson Extension program designed to help food entrepreneurs through the many steps of food safety regulations that are necessary to prepare food products for sale.

 Our faculty and staff have extensive knowledge in food safety, food processing and packaging, and the federal and state regulations that are necessary in South Carolina to produce and market your products for sale. 

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At TroyCoLIVE, we believe our clients success depends on their foundation and execution. We refer our clients to Food2Market for all professional and development of packaging, safety, and regulatory processes.

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  1. pH (measure of acidity),
  2. water activity (a measure of water available to microorganisms)
  3. nutritional analyses (for nutrition label)
  4. gluten testing

If the food product has high sugar content, then a water activity test may also be required. These tests are also used to determine if a food product is classified as either an acid, acidified, or low-acid food.

Products that are classified as acidified and low acid require the processor to have a Better Process Control School certificate and registration of their facility and process with the Food and Drug Administration. This is a requirement of the FDA and must be done before registering the product with USDA.

Some baked goods and other food products may require testing (pH and/or water activity) to determine if the product is a potentially hazardous food.

Foods that are classified as potentially hazardous foods require refrigeration.

All food product testing results are written into a process control letter, which is required documentation to show proof of testing with the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. 

Nutritional analysis can also be performed on your product if you wish to have a nutrition facts panel on your label, however, this is not a requirement unless you are producing over 100,000 units per year or have over 100 employees.

Food products that have “gluten-free” claims on their label should have a gluten test done to ensure that the gluten levels in the product are below the gluten-free level of 20 parts per million.

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