Instructions for Arrival

One Liberty Square is home of the greatest views in Greenville, “The Commerce Club.” Founded in 1984, the club features a private setting for meetings and a staff that is committed to detail and privacy.

Parking is located under the club in the Beattie Place Garage at a rate of $2.00 per hour.

Once parked, enter the “One Liberty Square” building from the ground level and choose “Floor 17” from the elevator panel. The keypad will notify you on which elevator will arrive to bring you to the seventeenth floor for our meeting.

Once you arrive on the seventeenth floor, let the concierge know that you are meeting with Troy Styles and you will be directed to our scheduled meeting.

Is there a dress code?

The dress code for "The Commerce Club" is business. Jeans are not permitted in the club, but a double Windsor knot is not required.

Is a menu available?

The Commerce Club serves a full breakfast buffet in addition to a lunch and dinner menu curated by executive chef, Alex Darrington.

Wine & Alcoholic Beverages

The Commerce Club features a full wine list and bar. The bar staff is dedicated to your experience and is eager to serve you to ensure you are well taken care of during our meeting.

Payment & Fees

TroyCoLIVE does not cover payment for food or beverage during your visit to the club unless otherwise stated in your invitation. You may make payment to your dining room server or the club concierge at the conclude of your visit.

What if I become lost?

If you are not able to find your way to the club, feel free to contact the club concierge for further directions at +1-864-232-5600

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