A Registered Agent is required to legally file a business in South Carolina. Your registered agent serves as your legal processes of service and may receive legal notices + more on your behalf.


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What is a Registered Office?

What are South Carolina's Agent Requirements?


Mail Monitor

We monitor your legal mail daily to ensure you stay in the loop on all vital interactions having to do with your business and never mis another compliance notice from a regulatory agency.

Services of Process

As your registered agent, we accept any service of process, legal correspondence, and official state notifications on behalf of your LLC or corporation.

Business Compliance

Notifying you immediately of any business compliance audit or deadline notices to ensure your business is aware, prepared, and responsive!

Digital Service

Enjoy same day, digital, 256 bit encrypted uploads from our team anytime you receive correspondance to your business. Access your secure file from any device, anytime!

Agent Hours

South Carolina requires registered agents to have a physical address and to be available to be served during normal business hours.

Content File

Enjoy a completely updated digital roadmap of all of your previous records and new records to ensure you have a running history of all of your mailed notices.

Mail Forwarding (optional)

We now offer mail forward at a rate of $1.79 per mailing. You can choose to have your notices mailed individually, weekly, monthly, or quarterly to an address of your choice. This pricing is reflective of USPS pricing and is billed electronically at monthly intervals and is subject to change. Choose this service as an option in addition to FREE electronic notices.


Do you really want to make your home address public information? Reserve your privacy by hiring our "Registered Agent" service to monitor your business legal and compliance correspondence 24/7
Our team is dedicated to your success! We monitor and keep you up-to-date on all of your business interactions to ensure your status of "good standing" as a legal entity in South Carolina.
Stephanie Geist
Business Services Lead

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