WordPress – Developer Access

WordPress dashboard

Our developer needs access to your WordPress Dashboard to work on your project with us.

securing your data

developer access

Our team uses 256-bit encryption and stores data on various live servers to protect the information from our clients.


256-bit encryption

How to assign credentials

To Get Started

  1. Go to your website and login to your WordPress dashboard as an administrator.

  2. In the menu panel, select users > add new

  3. Copy random generated password to your clipboard (ctrl+c) 

  4. Check the box to “send the new user an email about their account.” 

  5. Choose “administrator” as role for this user account

  6. Click “add new user

Use the following credentails, add a new user

Username: support@troycolive.com

Email: support@troycolive.com

 Copy random generated password to your clipboard (ctrl+c) 

Submit credentials

You can submit credentials for your WordPress dashboard to our team. All credentials will expire in (10) days from submission.